Andrew Ravin

Andrew Ravin


Andrew is deeply committed to social change. For 7 years, he worked in community social services in New York City and Chicago. For the last 10 years, Andrew taught English Language Arts in New York City public schools. Currently, he is the Assistant Principal at Beginning with Children.

Andrew is an award-winning student, teacher, and mentor.




  • 95%

    Classroom Instruction

  • 90%

    Curriculum Design

  • 85%

    Professional Development

  • 85%

    Academic Research

  • 75%

    Education Technology

  • 90%




  • Adjunct Instructor
    Teachers College, Columbia University
    Fall 2013 - Present

    As instructor, Andrew designed a comprehensive curriculum for pre-service graduate students. The curriculum integrates new standardized requirements for edTPA teacher certification with a demonstrated commitment to practical professional training. Andrew additionally manages professional relationships between student teachers, cooperating teachers, and field supervisions at student teaching sites.

    As an advanced doctoral student, Andrew explores research in literacy, including research in reading achievement and reading proficiency. Andrew currently directs two collaborative research projects, including "Reading Grit: Does passion and persistence influence reading proficiency?" and "Sustained, Silent Writing: Can independent writing impact student engagement and motivation?".
  • Founder and CEO
    Summer 2011 - Winter 2012

    Andrew founded, an interactive learning platform for K12 students. As CEO, he directed design, development, and planning initiatives for a suite of innovative education technology products., the initial learning project, was purchased by ActivelyLearn in Winter 2012. ActivelyLearn has subsequently raised more than $2m, including substantial funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Literacy Coach
    New Visions High School for the Humanitities
    Summer 2011 - Winter 2013

    As lead teacher, Andrew directed curriculum design, comprehensive assessment, and data analysis for 9th-11th grade English Language Arts teachers and students in inclusion classrooms. At Humanities, Andrew designed a transformative evaluation program, including diagnostic literacy assessments, comprehensive literacy surveys, and dynamic leveling assessments for all readers.

    As literacy coach, Andrew also designed and developed professional development for teachers across content areas, including an extended training course for new teachers.
  • Assistant Principal
    Curriculum and Instruction
    Beginning with Children is an independent public school in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Andrew is responsible for the design and development of content curriculum, including instruction and assessment for students in grades 6-8. Andrew additionally supervises and evaluates teachers and staff.
  • Lead Teacher
    MS 51 William Alexander
    Fall 2004 - Spring 2011

    As lead teacher, Andrew helped coordinate grade and department curriculum in English Language Arts. He directed several pilot initiatives in curriculum and technology, including online literacy portfolios and independent writing.

    Andrew mentored 16 student teachers from Teachers College, Columbia University. He additionally managed a school-wide plancement program for apprentice teachers, including graduate students from NYU, Columbia, Brooklyn College, and LIU. In addition, founded and co-directed "Boys Talk", a social work group for adolescent boys.
  • Project Manager
    City Year Chicago
    Summer 2000 - Summer 2002

    As Project Manager of the High School Service Learning Academy, Andrew trained and supervised more than 60 AmeriCorps members in service learning and youth development at local high schools. Andrew also managed professional relationships with liaison sites, including community agency leadership, school administration, and classroom teachers.


Brooklyn, New York